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We deserve to win...but only if we practice hard to win!

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An opinion -
Outdated pitching rules need to be substantially modified or eliminated. 
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Pitch Softball is a free website by Colorado Pitching Coach
GERALD WARNER to help girl and women softball pitchers improve their skills... whether you are an experienced college-level pitcher or are just beginning.   Here you will find dozens of pages of recommendations on how to pitch faster with more accuracy, and improve your change-up, drop ball, curve, screwball, and rise.  Call or e-mail us with specific questions.


Want to be a Great Pitcher?  Do These 3 Essentials

Best Pitch Location for Strikeouts; Worst Placement for Hits

What Pitch to Throw...and When

Make Your Movement Pitches Break Better

Be Careful:  Are You Using the Rollover Drop as your Fastball?

The Rise Ball...Do It RIGHT !

How to Correct Low Pitches

How to Correct High Pitches


ON THIS WEBSITE, YOU WILL FIND MORE THAN 50 PAGES of information for pitchers, coaches, and parents.
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A FEW of the articles for EXPERIENCED pitchers:

Better Speed off the Rubber - The Body Lean

Throwing the Screw Ball - the "Intimidator"

For Breaking Pitches - Use a Striped Ball


Some selected topics for INTERMEDIATE pitchers:

11-Years Old - With a Rise Ball?

Increase the Speed of Your Fastball

Avoid Pitching Injuries - 10 Things NOT to Do

Toe Drag...How to Correct the Leaping Problem


A few of the recommendations for younger, BEGINNER pitchers:

The Basics...Grip, Stride, Arm Rotation, Release

How to Stop the "Leaning Forward" Problem

What is an "Average" Pitching Speed?



For ALL pitchers:

Recent Questions from Visitors to the Site,  & Our Recommendations

Click here for articles for the  Coaches and Parents of female softball pitchers.

If you are a softball pitcher, parent, or coach, we would like to hear from you.  If you have questions, ideas, or special topics that you want to have discussed, click here to e-mail us or call us in Colorado at (720) 200-4575.

From time to time, pitchers from outside of Colorado have requested to meet with Gerald and have a one-on-one pitching evaluation when they visit Colorado.  For more information and details about a personal diagnostic pitching evaluation session in the Denver area, CLICK HERE


Check other articles on these topics:

The Best Change-Up

Recommended Training Products for Pitchers

Every Pitch...Even a Fastball...Has an Arc

Where to Correctly Put Your Feet on the Pitching Rubber

Recent Questions from Visitors to the Site,  & Our Recommendations


We recommend that you re-visit this site regularly.  Our pitching information and topics are changed and updated periodically with new hints and recommendations based on your e-mails and phone inquiries.

Click on the appropriate box on the left to see the list of topics and information that might be of interest to you currently.  Look for topics for softball pitchers relating to pitching mechanics, increasing fastball speed & control, arm whip & wrist snap, the importance of stepping on the "power line", developing a deceptive change-up, peel vs. rollover drop, rise ball techniques, avoiding the crow hop, leaping vs. stepping-style pitching, selecting a pitching coach, determining your real earned run average, and much more!


Players, Coaches, and Parents:
We invite your input and contributed articles on specific subjects relating to fastpitch softball.
E-mail us or call Pitching Instructor Gerald Warner in Colorado at (720) 200-4575.

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