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How to Be a Softball Parent

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by Gerald Warner, Softball Pitching Instructor (and Softball Parent)
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It is probably the toughest job on the field.  It is hard to do well, and seldom does anyone applaud you when you do it right.  But to the team…and to your player…your job is exceptionally important.  The responsibility is enormous.  Do your best to be a good representative of your team…and your daughter's #1 supporter:

1.  Softball is a SPORT - Kids are supposed to have FUN playing softball. 

2.  Your daughter might not be as good of an athlete as you were
        when you were in school.  Don't force her to be something she isn't.

3.  If you weren't a good athlete in school, it is not your daughter's job to
         make up for what you didn't do.

4.  She knows when she makes mistakes.  Catch her doing something right.

5.  Teach, but only teach when you know the right things.

6.  BE PATIENT!  If you are the parent of a pitcher there are many body "mechanics"
        she needs to master before she can start throwing hard.
   THEN, she 
        has to master both mechanics AND speed before she should start working on
Be patient!

7.  Umpires do their best and ARE trying to be fair.  If you disagree with an
         umpire's call, try to keep it to yourself.  Your daughter doesn't need to think that 
         the problems she might be experiencing can be blamed on the umpire.

8.  Not all good parents make good softball coaches.

9.  Not all good coaches make good softball parents.

10.  Again, softball is a SPORT.  Let your daughter have the privilege of:
        (1) doing it on her own,  (2) doing her best,  and (3) having FUN doing it.
        Win or lose, your objective is to make her feel good about herself and make sure 
        she is smiling at the end of the game.


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