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Three Critical Phases
Does a Rise Ball Really Rise?
For More Speed - Finish the Pitch
The Fine Art of Creating a Striped Softball
Avoid Pitching Injuries - What NOT To Do
Screw Ball - The Intimidator
What is an Average Pitching Speed?
Diagnostic Pitching Evaluations
Toe Drag...Correcting the Leaping Problem
How to Stop the Leaning Forward Problem
Foot Placement on the Pitching Rubber
Make Your Breaking Pitches Break Better
A Potentially Dangerous Drop/Fastball Release
The Return of the Faster, Much Faster, Fastball
Search by Keywords
All Pitches Have an Arc
Other Softball Products and Websites
Drop Ball II - The Snapover Drop
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Recent Questions and Recommendations
Coaches and Parents
The Best Books
How to Be a Softball Parent
Rule - Earned Run
Pitching Lessons
Your Pitcher MUST Have a Change-Up
Crow Hopping, Foot Dragging, and More
Outdated Pitching Rules
Size, Arm Length, and Pitching Speed
Advanced Pitchers
Rise Ball Secrets
She's 11-years old - Great Rise Ball?
What Pitch to Call...and When
Body Lean
Drill to Increase Speed
Increase the Speed of Your Fastball
Rise Ball Secrets
Pre-Practice and Pre-Game Preparation
1st & 2nd Year Pitchers
How to Correct High Pitches
How to Correct Low Pitches
The Best Change-Up
Drop Ball I - The Peel Method
Stepping vs. Leap-and-Drag
The Power Line
What Pitches to Develop Next
Why You Need a Good Change-Up
Pitching Lessons Recommendations
Top Ten List - Getting Started
Beginning Pitchers
Correct Mechanics...Grip, Stride, Rotation, Release
Warming Up Right
Additional Pitches for the Beginner
Five Steps to Developing a Pitcher
About Us
Hollind Englert

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